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Rooted and Grounded in Love

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School Logo

St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

Ethos Group

Our Values poem

Our Ethos group have written a poem all about our school Christian Values. They made some wonderful, thoughtful contributions and here is the result:


St Peter and St Paul’s

One big family

Rooted and Grounded in Love

And filled with humility

When things get tough we learn to endure

Our experiences and wisdom allow us to soar

Welcoming all and showing respect

Forgiveness and justice we never neglect

This is our school and of it we are proud

Rooted and Grounded in love

Let’s shout it aloud!

Community Cafe

Yet again, the children were an absolute credit as they helped out at the Community Cafe at church! They even have special note pads now to take people's orders! Well done children!

Presenting at the governor's meeting

We thoroughly enjoyed presenting to the governor's all that we have been learning about God's Big Story through our Collective Worship, RE lessons and themed days.

Community Cafe

We thoroughly enjoyed helping out at the Community Cafe at church this morning. Each Friday we (and other children) will attend the cafe helping to serve food, drinks and do a bit of tidying up! It was great to see all of our friends from church but also to meet some new people!

Fairtrade Conference

We had an amazing day on Friday at the Lancashire school's Fairtrade Conference at Country Hall in Preston. We took part in three workshops surrounding the theme of Fairtrade. We were stunned by the difference in pay between those in other countires who make the footballs right up to those who play with that same football professionally. We also explored the production of bananas and tea and how Fairtrade has helped people involved in making these. As a result of this day, we feel strongly to help in any way we can to bring about change. We discussed our plans on the train journey home and will be meeting again in school to begin to put our plans into place.

Community Cafe

We are very excited to be part of a new community cafe, which will begin in March. In conjunction with our church and Tesco, we aim to reduce food wastage and make sure it reaches those who need it most. Each Friday we will go down to church to help run the cafe. Here we are producing leaflets which will be delivered to the community of Rishton.

Preparing for Red Wednesday

Today we met with Father Chris to share our ideas and plan for a special worship to be held to mark Red Wednesday. On Red Wednesday we will be thinking about Christians and other religious minorities, who suffer because of their beliefs. We will be wearing red and even have some special red glasses for the day!

Making wind chimes for our outdoor reflection area

Today we gathered to make wind chimes for our outdoor reflection area. We are hoping that the sound will help children to relax, think, relax or pray.

A learning walk with our governor

We enjoyed walking around our school today with Mrs Slater, one of our governors. We talked to her about all that we have been learning about in RE and Worship. We enjoy showing people around our school and talking about how much we enjoy coming here!

Ethos Group Feedback


Our Ethos Group have made a fabulous start at launching our joint school/church Foodbank. A group of children visited the Co-op to find suggestions of food that people can bring into school. They put together their own presentation and provided information for chidren and parents at our Friday Superstar Celebration. 

When donations are made the Ethos Group will sort the food into bags and deliver to church ready for those in need.

This is the first stage of a much bigger project as Fr Chris and school are hoping to get Tesco involved so that we can start a Friday morning cafe to provide food that would otherwise be thrown away.

Rooted and Grounded in LOVE bookmarks

The Ethos Group are currently making some bookmarks of our Christian vision for every child and adult in our school family. We will also give them to our visitors to remember us by. 

Preparing for Worship on Wednesday evening family service

We're busy preparing for our next Worship on Wednesday Service celebrating God's creation. 

St Francis teaches us to care for all God’s creation, including each other, and be to be joyful in the beauty all around us

Genesis 2:15 "The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it."

Introducing our new Ethos group

As most of our last Ethos group consisted of year 6 pupils, we have sadly had to say goodbye to them. As a result, a new Ethos Group has been formed. Here they are introducing themselves to the school. Brogan was right when she said 'More than anything, we are a voice for you. If you have any thoughts, ideas or concerns about RE and Worship, Please come to us.'

Ethos Group 2017-2018

Our Ethos Group have taken on many roles over the year making us extremely proud:

Planning and delivering Collective Worship

Leading the evening family service Worship on Wednesday

Speaking to parents, governors and other visitors about the life of our school

Evaluating Collective Worship and presenting findings to staff

Preparing for church services

Helping lead church services

Planning activites for Spirituality Days

Preparing resurces for Junior Church at the Sunday Eucharist Service at our church

Representing school at events such as Inter Faith Day, Joint schools Pupil Conference and open days.

Welcoming visitors.

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