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St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

Summer 2

We covered our level 3 road safety in class and completed a range of tasks for this. We looked at how it can be difficult to see and hear traffic when you have your hood up when you are crossing the road and the reflective strips on clothing and bags to help others see us more clearly. We learnt about using pelican crossings, island crossings, subways and footbridges, too. We then went on a road safety walk to the pelican pedestrian crossing near Rishton library, to try out all the safe tips for crossing a road. We had to think about a safe place to stand on the pavement, behind the kerb, and how to cross the road safely looking left and right and listening for the traffic.  We learnt about the importance of taking time to cross the road safely and listened brilliantly to all adults who went with us- great job, Year 2!

Road Safety Level Three

Time at the Rainforest Cafe in year 6

Computing and presenting ideas

Week 4 learning chassis and axle fixture

Week 3 Learning

Science and materials...Can you make a ladder using the different resources?

Outdoor maths for position and direction

Week 2 Learning and sports day

Week One


We have had an extremely busy first week of he half- term and our photographs below will show you some of our learning.  On our first day, we had a workshop delivered by Delve into History to launch our new history unit on The Great Fire of London Andy we had a great time finding out how the fire started and the events over the following days. We created a bucket line to re-enact how the residents of London during 1666 may have helped to put the fire out. As mathematicians we have completed work on telling the time with growing confidence and have started to look at tally charts and tables of information. In English, we are looking at non- chronological reports and have been identifying features of different texts and expressing our opinions about what we have read. We have started our design technology unit on mechanisms and will have an outcome of creating a moving vehicle. Mrs Chandler has been teaching us new notes on our recorders within our music lessons and we have looked at the aspect of looking after your money in PSHE. 

Computing: presenting ideas

Maths:outdoor time hunt

Class Worship- The letters of St. Paul

Design Technology- How do wheels work?

Science-materials and their properties

Observations of the ‘Ever- growing’ beanstalk

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