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St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

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School Logo

St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

Blackburn Diocese

Blackburn Diocese Vision 2026

In 2015, Bishop Julian outlined the Blackburn Diocesan 'Vision 2026', working together with the aim of 'Healthy Churches Transforming Communities'

Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education have clarified how we, as a school, can contribute towards this Vision 


Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

  • Children will experience God by knowing the scriptures and the impact they can have on their lives, and the lives of others.
  • Children will experience prayer in a wide variety of forms and grow in confidence to pray, so to become an essential part of their daily lives.
  • For the church to value each child and give them opportunities to use their gifts and talents, knowing that they are an important part of the whole church family.


Being Witnesses to Jesus Christ

  • To give children the confidence to share their own story and experiences of God.
  • To give children opportunities to share God’s love in action, both within the congregation and in the wider community.
  • To encourage children and their families to grow together in faith from Baptism to Confirmation and beyond.


Growing Leaders for Jesus Christ

  • For the whole church to know their children and families so that together they can identify their gifts and talents, and encourage them to be leaders of the church today.
  • Enabling children to be leaders in a church which is committed to hearing their voices and valuing their opinions
  • To encourage children from an early age to boldly communicate the gospel, creatively driving forward the mission of the church.


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