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St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

Learning in R.E.

Comparing Christian denominations in the local community

Year 4 have  had the most wonderful afternoon visiting all three Rishton churches with Father Chris. We were welcomed into Rishton Methodist Church by Deacon Kathy, who helped us to compare our church building to theirs and then we walked up to St Charles' Roman Catholic Church to take part in further discussions. We spotted lots of similarities and were able to talk about the differences and we also asked some fantastic questions. Many thanks to Father Chris, Deacon Kathy and St Charles' Church and well done once again to our fabulous children!

Big Questions

Each week, we focus on a big question as a school. This week we have been exploring 'How can we make someone feel welcome?' We have reflected on how we can make someone feel welcome, through our words and actions and have also thought about times when we have felt welcome or unwelcome. We explored all of this by role playing what being made to feel welcome looks like.

Governors' Awards

Each term, the governors select some of our Christian values. Each teacher nominates 3 children who have demonstrated these values and sends their nominations and reasons why to the governors, who then nominate one child from each class to receieve their award at the final Superstar Celebration of that term. Here are this term's fantastic winners for demonstrating our Christian values of Humility and Forgiveness.

Primary pupil's RE Conference

We have just come back from a fabulous day at Ewood Park for the Primary Pupil's RE Conference. We explored ASH Wednesday through three themes: All over the world, Saying Sorry and Have time with God. We explored the rights of the child and looked at the work of Christian Aid and Water Aid. This was a fantastic, engaging day where we made lots of new friends and took part in some thought provoking activities.

Shrove Tuesday

After abandoning making our pancakes in the wind this morning, we enjoyed them with nutella in our classroom! The children even helped with the washing and drying up! A lovely morning together thinking about the start of Lent tomorrow.

Trust games

To begin our work on Easter - trust and betrayal, we played some trust games. We found that some of us were definitely more trusting than others!

Outdoor exploration of Jesus calms the storm

As part of our work on Jesus' power and authority, we used our outdoor learning time to explore the story of Jesus calming the storm. What imagination the children had! We finished the session by children making crosses for our outdoor reflection area and with a quiet act of worship.

Year 4 visit year 6's celebration of the Passover

Reception's learning on Celebrations

As part of their topic on celebrations, Reception have looked at lots of RE. I visited their classroom and they were able to tell me lots about the celebrations they have looked at, they showed me wonderful work in their big book and were extremely proud of theie display of their learning. Amazing, Reception!

Our Rights

This week, we have been focussing on the rights of the child as set out in the UN Convention. Each class has taken some of the articles and worked on them. We have produced posters, taken part in role play and debates and considered lots of big questions. We then presented all that we have learned and our thoughts and feelings about our rights to the rest of the school. Here are our wonderful displays!

Year 3 guided imagery

In year 3, we have taken part in guided imagery. We imagined we were the shepherds on the journey to Bethlehem to see Jesus before writing our own poems.

Christmas and the symbolism of light

Today we enjoyed our class worship by candlelight to introduce our new RE unit. We answered big questions such as: What does the light symbolise? Is the light positive or negative? What do the light remind you of? What does the light do to the dark.

God's Big Story

In RE and Worship we are learning about God's Big Story and to help the children see how this all fits together we have used designs created by the children and had film printed for our hall windows.

Bishop's Bible Challenge

We are thoroughly enjoying our Bishop's Bible Challenge activities and using the new Bibles we bought last year to help us with them. Today we have been thinkng about all of the wonderful things that God gave us!

World Faiths Day

What a wonderful day we have had moving around school to different workshops on different world faiths! We learned about the history and symbols of Judaism, we explored the 5 k's of Sikhism and even did a little meditation when looking at Buddhism. We also learned lots about Islam, comparing the religion to our own Christian beliefs and also enjoyed learning all about the Five Pillars of Islam. We explored the core beliefs of Hinduism and were fascinated by their God's and symbolism. We were also lucky enough to sing blessings from different religions, before writing out own and even created collaborative artwork for our school entrance, which represents our Christian beliefs and our school vision of being 'Rooted and Grounded in Love.'

Prayer Stations

As part of our work on prayer, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to give our friends a range of experiences of prayer. We designed our own prayer stations and invited each class in to experience them. We used playdough to make things that we are thankful for, we jumped for joy and a trampoline and we danced to our favourite hymns. We also reflected on things that we are sorry for on pebbles, blew away our worries with bubbles, spent time praying for peace in our tent and had some quiet reflection under God's umbrella.

We've got courage!

Year 4 are currently learning all about David. After looking at the story of David and Goliath and learning about David's courage and trust in God, we reflected on times when we have shown courage in our own lives, making medals to mark our achievements.

God's Big Story Day

We spent a day looking at the wonderful story of God. Each class took a different concept and worked on it for the day. They heard and told stories, watched videos and contributed lots of their own ideas. Each class then completed a piece of artwork to be displayed in the hall and used in our Collective Worship. At the end of the day, we all got together in the hall for a special Worship where each class presented their concept! What a great job they did!

Year 1 celebrate a Baptism

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed extending on their learning about Baptism by joining in a celebration led by Father Chris at church. The service saw little Lexie baptised in the presentation of her parents, god parents, fmaily and friends. What a wonderful celebration it was!

Global Christianity Spirituality Day

Our children thoroughly enjoyed our latest Spirituality Day centered around the theme of Global Christianity. Children mixed up and attended different workshops over the day. Many thanks to the Aid to Church in Need Charity for delivering thought-provoking workshops during the day.

Aid to Church in Need

Following on from our Global Christianity Spirituality Day, we hosted an exhibition of drawings by Syrian children, both in school and in church, raising money for the charity, hoping for better lives for the people suffering in Syria.

God created the whole wide world

Year 1 have been learning all about God's creation. They discussed their favourite part of God's creation and how they can look after and appreciate all that he has made. They then made their own creations.

We have celebrated our learning in RE with a whole school display.
Some of our wonderful Religious Education displays and reflective areas.

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