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St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

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School Logo

St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love


School Uniform 

In September 2020 we introduced our new tartan skirts and pinafore dresses to replace the plain grey/black skirts.From September 2021 all children are expected to wear the new uniform. Uniform can be bought from Grays Schoolwear (Blackburn/Clitheroe) or Whittakers.



Grey or black pants/shorts

Tartan skirt or pinafore dress

Red checked dress with white socks (Summer Term)

Red polo shirt (with or without school logo)

Black sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without school logo)

White socks/black plain socks under trousers/red/grey/black tights

Black shoes (no laces for infants)

If children travel to school in boots we ask that they change into school shoes inside

PE – Black shorts (no skorts), white t.shirt, black pumps (no laces)


School book bag is required for children up to Year 5 and children are provided with their first one as a gift from School Friends’ Club.

Children in years 5 and 6 can bring a small bag instead of a book bag if they take responsibility for ensuring all items are in class as needed.


The only jewellery allowed is a sensible wrist-watch (no Apple watches etc) and one/pair of small, plain, gold or silver stud earrings which have to be removed for PE.  If children are having ears pierced, please only do this in summer holidays as children cannot take part in PE with earrings in and we are unable to cover with tape.


Nail polish should not be worn for school and children should not have transfer tattoos anywhere visible during school time. We do make an exception for this in the days immediately after school discos as these are usually near holidays.


Hairstyles should be sensible and appropriate for school with natural hair colour and no tramlines or patterns. (Please save any unusual styles for summer holidays) All long hair needs to be tied back. Plain headbands can be worn, however, other fashion accessories such as large bows, braids etc should not be worn.

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