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School Logo

St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

Social Action - How can we make a difference?

School Council meet with Sara Britcliffe MP for Hyndburn and Haslingden

School Council had a meeting with Sara Britcliffe MP to raise the following issues which children in their classes had identified as being a concern:

Litter and dog poo on the streets

Sara said that there are a lot of clean ups going on (such as the one our children had been part of) and that dog wardens are monitoring and enforcing fines as best they can.

Lack of things to do in Rishton for children their age and lack of equipment on the playgrounds

Sara agreed with this and is hoping to look into a new park for the families of Rishton. She was particularly interested in the land next to school and is going away to find out who owns this and if there are ways it can be developed.

Anti-social behaviour by some teenagers e.g vaping

Sara advised children to remind families to report any issues as these are all logged and influence police patrols in areas where there are problems. She is involved with Operation Centurion which is a scheme to get more foot patrols and will recommend this for Rishton. There is a campaign to try and ban disposable vapes which will help with the litter aspect and hopes that campaigns will highlight it is damgerous.

Traffic issues around school and parking issues in front of houses

Sara is going away to see if there is any land in the area which could be used for cars to park on.

Community Beat Sweep

Eco Group - Bug houses for the Piggy Park Community Garden

Mother's Day Event - A wonderful opportunity to give thanks for our mums or other special ladies in our lives

Living Streets - How can we improve how children travel to school?


Eco Club and School Council are taking the lead on encouraging families to walk to school wherever possible. We had a speaker in to explain the benefits of this such as improving fitness, helping the environment and also making the area outside of school safer by having less traffic.

Poppy Appeal

School Council have organised our promotions for Children in Need and a SPOTACULAR theme as we help to raise money for those less fortuate than ourselves. Each class has spent time looking at stories about where past fundraising has been used to make the lives of children better.

Community Cafe at our church

Every Friday, a small group of children from school help out at the Community Cafe at church. Visitors can enjoy a warm drink and there is a choice of different foods such as toast and sandwiches each week. Our children thoroughly enjoy taking orders, serving food and getting to know members of the church and local community. 

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