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Rooted and Grounded in Love

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School Logo

St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love


St Peter and St Paul's has a real commitment to delivering high quality physical education and school sport. Every child participates in at least two hours of quality physical activity every week and are encouraged to join in at least one extra-curricular activity. 


Our Sports Premium webpage breaks done our PE and school sports provision further, giving detailed information on how we create and deliver sporting opportunities for all. 


Sports Premium | St Peter and St Paul's Church of England Primary School (

Let Girls Play 8.03.2023

Year 1 yoga

Jaydon Paddock GB athlete visit to school

Year 6 Football Team have been playing in the Hyndburn League

Love To Ride Anywhere Week

Children in each class enjoyed riding their bike or scooter to school as part of Love To Ride Anywhere Week.

Tots on Tyres!

Yoga Club

Year 5 Playground Leader Training

Accrington Stanley Support Session for Y5 footballers

Some of our year 5 footballers have been experiencing a few difficulties with their games and Lee from Accrington Stanley has been in to observe them play and offer advice about how they can deal with issues - Hopefully this will help the children manage their own games of football during break and lunchtimes.

Some of the ideas Lee suggested:

Different captains choose the teams each day and others accept the team they are on.

If agreement cannot be made about a decision - drop ball

Play starts from the goalie after a goal.

Rock, paper, scissors to decide who kicks off and to sort out any disagreements


KIds Cup Football at Accrington Academy

Our footballers had an enjoyable time at Accrington Academy, taking part in the Kids Cup. Overall, our team came third in this round. Lovely to see such a great team spirit.

Lancashire Cricket Foundation Roadshow

G.U.L.P (Give Up Loving Pop)

Accrington Stanley have spent three weeks working with year 3 on the G.U.L.P project. Time has been spent in the classroom learning about keeping healthy before taking part in physical activity outside.

Daily Active Mile

Every class takes part in the Daily Active Mile and it is great to see the children's progress with this.

Big Pedal 2021

As part of Big Pedal 2021 children were encouraged to make active journeys to school by either walking, scootering or cycling. We were very impressed with the number of children who took part in this initiative.

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