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Rooted and Grounded in Love

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School Logo

St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

Class Gallery 2022-23

Handa's Surprise: Oral retelling

Handa's Surprise: Investigating tropical fruits

Geography: Maps of Rishton

Maths: Outdoor learning 2

Time Travelers - Toys in the past. We have been sorting toys - Past and Present

We have been looking at how board games have changed through the year. We have also been looking at games and toys Victorian children played with. We thought it would be fun to try them ourselves.

Science - Everyday Materials. We have been looking at everyday objects and their materials.

Meerkat Mail- We had a special delivery in Year 1. We guessed what would be inside. It was a special book sent to us called Meerkat Mail. We are looking forward to finding out about our new character and story.

RE - Jesus' Miracles 'Turning Water into Wine'. We made some clay water jars to remind us of when Jesus performed the miracle at the wedding at Cana.

Sunny the Meerkat - Sunny is going on his travels to find the perfect home. He visited us and asked us to help him pack his bag.

In Geography we have been learning about Hot and Cold places and where we can find them on a map.

Music - Combining pulse, rhythm and pitch.

Phonics - We love playing our phonics games, especially when we have to race Mrs Ryan in Read, read, run!

Meerkat Mail - Sunny has been on his travels to find the perfect home but realised his perfect place was back home with his family in the Kalahari Desert. We invited Sunny to a welcome home party and celebrated with a little party, including some beetle and bug treats.

Science - In science we have been learning about different types of plants. Here are some photos of us in our flower shop.

Library visit - We had a really nice time visiting the library.

English - Traditional Tales, Little Red Riding Hood and The Enormous Turnip

History - Houses and Homes - Walk around Rishton /Piggy Park and visit from Mr and Mrs Lowe

Trip to Church - Class Christening

Road Safety - stopping at the kerb and crossing between parked cars. Remembering to 'peep and creep'

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