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St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

Class Gallery of learning 2022/23

Week 7

Science-Investigating what happens to our bodies when we exercise

Music- Glockenspiels

Geography- identifying areas of our school and creating simple maps of school

Week 6

Science- Identifying and sorting food groups

Practical Maths- Bonds to 100

Computing- safe communication

National Poetry Day What Can You Do On A Nature Walk? By Kate Williams

Still image for this video

Week 5


We have had another lovely week in class, with our English unit based on Katie Morag ending. The children created their own stories and they did a great job! In maths, we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and then 3s. We used some practical resources to help us count in 3s and worked with a partner to discuss what we were showing. In Geography, we created posters about The Isle Of Coll to show the sort of things you could do if you visited the island. Year 2 performed their first whole school worship and were amazing. I was so proud of them, so well done everyone! In Design Technology we became designers and have drawn out our designs for a soft toy and next week, we will use a template and cut out our fabric. In music, we enjoyed using the Glockenspiels and it got rather noisy as we tried the various notes. We also did a team work task to keep the wriggle moving as a whole class chain.

counting in 3s

Worship- The Twelve Spies of Canaan

Our learning

Week 4


We have created a story map and then an oral retell of Katie Morag and Tiresome Ted and have ended the week with a plan for our own stories based on what we have read. There are some lovely ideas linked to birthday parties and making pancakes, and I’m sure the stories are going to be great!

In maths, we have been comparing objects and numbers and using the language of ‘ greater than, less than and equal to’ to understand the place value of a wider range of numbers. As Geographers, we compared the Isle of Struay from the Katie Morag stories to Rishton and built some of the features on the island and as Scientists, have thought about what humans need to survive and what makes them happy. We have practised our sewing skills using the running stitch to help us when we make our toys and in our music lesson, we thought about the tempo of the different songs. We sang our song using some actions to help us.

sewing skills

Oral retell of a story

Making the features of the Isle of Struay

Week 3


We have continued to enjoy the various Katie Morag stories within our English learning and have been developing our skills in using a number line within our maths learning. In DT, we looked at various soft toys to see how they were finished and fastened together and decided on our favourite ones. We will then use this to design our own soft toy in the coming weeks. In music, we are looking at South African music and each week, we will listen to a new song and appraise it. Additionally, we will learn to sing and perform the song, ‘ In my head, feet and heart’. As Geographers, we have looked the United Kingdom and used atlases to locate the different countries. 

Using an atlas and locating the United Kingdom

using a number line

Week 2


We have continued our learning in English based around the stories of Karie Morag. This week, we have looked at Katie Morag and Tiresome Ted , along with Katie Morag Delivers the Mail. In our Geography learning, we looked at a range of images of the Isle Of Coll, which is where the fictional Isle of Struay, used within the Katie Morag stories, is set.  In our science learning, we began with an image of a desert island and had to think about what we would need. This developed into a conversation about needs and wants and then we had to sort a range of cards and items into hoops of needs and wants and the types of things humans would need for survival. Within maths, we have been looking at different ways to describe an amount we have, at larger numbers towards 100 and at 'tens' and 'ones'. We have also made some comparisons of a range of 2 digit numbers.


Sadly, our week ended with the news of the death of Her Majesty the Queen and we had a special school worship to pay our respects. We all gathered on the school yard to hear the church bells at 12 o'clock and all of the children were very respectful during this time. We later thought about the types of things that can make people feel better during a time of sadness and we made pictures for members of the Royal family. 

Week One 


We have had a wonderful start to Year Two and have had a fun packed two days in school. The children have shared their ideas for our class rules and we have displayed some responses nera our reflection area. We have created self-portraits using graphite sticks and these are displayed in our classroom to identify how we are all unique. We have started a new English unit that looks at stories by the same author and will be looking at the Katie Morag stories by Mairi Hedderwick. We looked at a range of front covers and after making predictions about what the stories would be about, we thought about a short blurb to match the image. In our maths learning, we have been counting forwards and backwards from different starting points and will build on this further next week.

World Book Day 2022

Year 2's Worship on St Matthew

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