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St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love


The healing hands of Christ

A beautifully delivered Worship by pupils from year 3 this morning explored examples of the healing hands of Christ and we thought about how we could be healing hands to our neighbours on a day to day basis. Their role plays were fantastic and their prayers read beautifully! Well done children!

Community Cafe certificates

It was lovely to welcome Trish into school again this morning. Trish helped to set up the Community Cafe and came to thank these children for helping out and doing such a fabulous job by awrding them with certificates.

A sad day

A beautiful Worship led by Reception this morning retelling the story of Good Friday. They explored how Jesus gave his life for us and looked things that we can give to others: a card, flowers, a smile and a hug. They left us with this week's big question: What is good about Good Friday:?

Community Cafe

Each week sees more visitors to this fantastic event, which once again, was supported beautifully by these wonderful children!

The Great Parade

What a wonderful parade and party these wonderful children had as they told us the story of Palm Sunday. Their use of props and acting was wonderful. How much they're growing in confidence!

The Anunciation

A lovely Worship delivered by Father Chris this morning on The Feast of the Anunciation. Children were given 2 difficult jobs to do: becoming Prime Minister and being the cook in our school. We explored how they might feel if they were given this responsibility and came up with some fantastic words: anxious, confused, worried, aggravated, challenged and pressured. We then heard the story of Mary being told that she would give birth to the Son of God and how she would have felt similar feelings and the endurance that she faced.

Forgiveness and saying sorry

As part of our journey through Lent towards Easter, year 2 delivered a lovely worship about saying sorry and forgiveness. They looked at Jesus' example of forgiveness in the Easter story, explored different ways that we can say sorry and then set us some wonderful ways in which we can do good deeds throughout Lent. Children are in the process of making cards for people at church and at Eachill Gardens and are thinking of ways in which they can help at school and at home! Thank you year 2!

Jesus in the Wilderness - I'm a Celebrity style!

We did an amazing job of leading Collective Worship this morning. We travelled to Australia and were part of the Bush Tucker Trial. We looked at how the contestants were challenged and linked this to the challenges Jesus faced in the wilderness.

Ash Wednesday Eucharist

As we walked through the doors of church this morning, we were in awe at the amazing work put into it to prepare for Lent. It looks absolutely beautiful! Another wonderful service! Both Father Chris and our friends at church commented on the children's impeccable behaviour! Well done children!

The widow's coins

A lovely Worship, led by year 3 this morning, told us the story of The Widow's Coins.' It was told beautifully through role play and used lots of props. It really made us think about the small things that we can do today that could actually be big things to someone else: saying hello, smiling, asking how someone is feeling. 

The Ten Lepers

What beautiful weather for our outdoor worship this morning! We explored the story of The Ten Lepers, thinking about Jesus' power and authority and also the importance of thankfulness! We had two lovely, spontaneous prayers of thanks from two of our children.

Centurion's Servant 

Thank you year 2 for our thought-provoking Worship this morning as we continue our journey through God's Big Story. You told the story amazingly through drama and props and asked us some really big questions! Well done!

Carol Service

What a lovely Carol Service we has today and how beautiful church looked! The Ethos Group did a fantastic job of telling the different parts of the Christmas Story through drama. After each part was told, children helped build the nativity scene. We then heard our choir's unique version on Away in a Manger. Thank you to everyone who joined us and we wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our Worship banner

Our new Worship banner is finally complete and how beautiful it looks! Many thanks to our Ethos Group and to all of our friends at church who have worked so hard in making it! It really will enhance our Collective Worship!

Churches Together Advent Service

Thank you to everyone who was able to make our Churches Together Advent Service. It was lovely to gather with friends from St Charles and Rishton Methodist and a pleasure to hear our children sing toegther.

Red Wednesday

Today we turned RED to mark 'Red Wednesday' to support the work of our friends Aid to the Church in Need. Each year, they fund over 5,000 projects in more than 140 countries around world, helping to support the Church in its mission, and bringing hope and solidarity to millions of people. Every year they celebrate ‘Red Wednesday’ in the memory of ‘persecuted’ Christians. In school we wrote prayers in hope of peace and even wrote letters to an MP or the Archbishop of Cantebury to find out what they are doing to support these people. Our Ethos Group led a special Worship with Father Chris and we were all given a special pair of red glasses.

Visit to the Cenotaph for our Class Worship

During this week, each class has walked up to the Cenotaph to pay their respects during this time of remembrance. While we were there, we had our class worship. Children read prayers that they had written and looked at all the messages on the wreaths left by the community of Rishton.

Remembrance Worship

This morning, Year 5 led a thought-provoking Worship surrounding the theme of Remembrance. They gave us lots of big questions to think about, presented a video about why we wear poppies and read some of their own prayers and reflections. Well done year 5!

Remembrance Sunday

Lovely to see our children joining in with Rishton's Remembrance Service and laying a wreath on behalf of school. The large poppies had been made before the summer for Rishton Festival and children have all taken part in research, finding out about some of the soldiers who lost their lives in WW1.

Worship on Wednesday

Last night, we gathered at church for our monthly Worship on Wednesday family service. Church looked absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed hot dogs and cake together, before taking part in some meaningful activities, led by Year 3, surrounding the theme of Remembrance. We finished by singing together 'Peace Perfect Peace.'

Our outdoor reflection area

We are currently developing our outdoor reflection area. Today the children gathered in the area, discussed how and when they might use it and quietly said their own prayers. We look forward to seeing how our area progresses.

Year 4 Prayer Stations

Thanks to Year 4, children from each class had opportunity to engage in a very lively Worship experience. 

Year 6 take part in Thursday Service at Church

Year 6 really enjoyed taking part in the service this morning at church when Father asked them to act out the Bible story.

Tuesday Worship led by Father Chris

We always look forward to a Tuesday Collective Worship led by Father Chris. He always plans and delivers a worship that makes us think and reflect! They are always so creative! We can't wait to see what will come out of his bag next week!

Thank you Father Chris

We held a special Collective Worship, attended by our governors and friends from church to thank Father Chris for all that he does for our school. We managed to keep it a secret and it was lovely to see the surprise on his face as he walked into our hall thinking he was leading Worship that morning.

Thursday morning Eucharist

This morning we attended the Thursday morning Eucharist Service at church. Father Chris told us all about St Francis and how he gave up all that he had to serve our Lord. It really made us think about how hard this must have been! St Francis wanted every person, rich or poor, to hear the word of the Lord. We also took some of our prayers to church with us and sang the Gloria beautifully.

Worship on Wednesday

Last night we had our family Worship on Wednesday Service at church. Our Ethos group led activities celebrating the Feast of St Francis. We reflected on all that God has created and how we can look after our world and each other. We even enjoyed some hot dogs and cake before coming together to sing hymns led by Mrs Chandler. It was wonderful to see so many of our families attend.

Praying for people in Indonesia

Today in the news we saw of the terrible events of the Tsunami affecting the lives of people in Indonesia. We wrote prayers thinking about those that have lost their lives and asked for help for those suffering.

Father Chris blesses our Worship areas

Today Father Chris came into our classrooms and blessed our Worship areas. We prayed together and then passed to him some of our personal prayers for him to take to church. Each Tuesday, when he leads our Collective Worship, he will continue to take our prayers to church.

Year 3 Worship at Cutwood Park

Year 3 led a lovely act of Worship at Cutwood Park. As they were taking part in a Scavenger hunt, they took time to reflect on the beautiful world that God created and the importance of taking care of it. Children said their own prayers before finishing with the Lord's Prayer.

Reception lead Worship

WOW! What a Worship we had this morning, led by our reception children, who have only been in school for two weeks! What an amazing job they did, telling us all about the call of Abraham to be God's friend and all about the importance of trust and friendship.

Harvest Service 2018

As a Christian school our core values are at the centre of all we do. In addition to this, we value any opportunity to attend our local church as a school, but we had an extra special service this week in celebration of harvest. The children were encouraged to bring food to donate to the local Maundy Relief centre that can be found in Accrington. We were joined by parents and people of the local community to celebrate sharing the gift of food and looking after people in the community. Our Year 6 also played a key part in the service by spreading the message of harvest and leading us in worship. 

Our Y6 children receiving Holy Eucharist 

Lovely to see our newly confirmed Y6 children receiving Holy Eucharist during the Service to celebrate St Peter and St Paul's Feast Day.

St Peter and St Paul's Feast Day

Through a superb piece of drama we learnt all about the lives of St Peter and St Paul.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our pupils, who were confirmed on Sunday 29th April 

Church looked absolutely stunning for our celebration of Easter Eucharist service.
Our lovely Lent Eucharist at church. Key Stage 2 children shared with us their wonderful work on the Stations of the Cross.

Christmas Church Service

Thank you children for leading such a beautiful Service with readings and prayers and to the choir who sang so beautifully.  It was a lovely end to our Autumn Term. 

Our children are highly involved in the planning and delivery of Collective Worship at our school. Each half term, our RE leader sets a theme and then each class, with the support of their teacher, delivers their Worship. Children open up the act of worship, provide a visual and musical stimulus for children to enter the hall to, tell stories through drama, write and read prayers, choose hymns and thoroughly engage in the central part of our day. 

We have very close, strong links with our Church and Vicar, Father Christopher Holden. Every Tuesday Father Chris comes into school and delivers Collective Worship. 

Each week, a different class attends our Thursday morning Eucharist Service at Church. 

Once a month, our church provides our families with a special 'Worship on Wednesday' service. This service, supported by our staff, provides families with fun and engaging activities, lots of singing and plenty of cake! Please come along and join in on every thirs Wednesday of the month! 

Our prayer area in school provides children, parents, visitors and  with a quiet, reflective area, where they can have time for quiet personal prayer or add prayers to our tree or display. 

We also work closely with church by our staff supporting and leading 'Junior Church' which takes place during the Sunday Eucharist Service at 10:30am. Children take part in fun and engaging activities, before joining the congregation in the Eucharist and then showcasing what they have been doing. 

We were very proud of all of our children who were Confirmed in 2017. To find out more about Confirmation and classes, please contact school or Father Chris. 

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