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Rooted and Grounded in Love

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School Logo

St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

School Council Events

Mrs Clarkson's visit to school council

Mrs Clarkson came to our January meeting when we had the chance to ask her some questions about being our new headteacher. 

She told us she was very excited to get the job but she is still learning it.

Mrs Clarkson said she liked being headteacher because this was a good place to work and she could help people.

We asked her who pays for everything and she explained that school gets money from the government and how she has to budget it.

Jolly Jobs - raising money for school

School Council led a presentation for the whole school about their Jolly Jobs incentive. Children are asked to help out at home for spending money that they can bring into school.

We will share this money so that we can contribute to developing the outdoor area that will benefit all our children.

Meeting about our Sponsored Child

We had a meeting with our main link to the Jack and Jill School in Zambia so that we could find out about Rodwell and how the money we raise helps to improve his life.

Please see the questions and answers from this meeting.

Mayor's Visit

On the 18th March the mayor visited our school. The Mayor and Mayoress came into the year 6 classroom and looked around. The Mayor, Judith Addison, then came into assembly and introduced herself to the rest of the school before visiting their classrooms.

After break she met with the school council in the library. We asked the Mayor a few questions and she answered all of them, although some were difficult.

We asked her questions like, "Is your job hard?"

The Mayor replied, "Yes it can be but I mostly like my job."

We asked if her chain was heavy.

Councillor Addison said, "It is but there is padding underneath and it is nice to wear at special occasions."

The Mayoress, Kathleen Pratt, told us that her chain was lighter and more comfortable to wear except when she was wearing evening dress because the design had points on it which could dig in.

Councillor Addison told us the most important person she had met as the Mayor was the Queen and she had been to a garden party at Buckingham Palace. She told us she goes into lots of schools, clubs and attends events for children. We could tell she likes meeting children because she was very kind and chatty with us.

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