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School Logo

St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love


General information about reading in school

We hope to instil a love of reading in all of our children and create opportunites for reading whenever possible.  In Key Stage 2 each class reads a new novel each half term and wherever possible, this is linked to the topic being taught in class.


In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children regularly enjoy reading 'Big Books' and this is just one example of how we teach the skills required for reading. In addition to this children often enjoy listening to a story read to them and are able to borrow books from the library.  

 Children take part in at least 2 Guided Reading Sessions per week (Rigby Star Reading Scheme) when they read in a small group with an adult. In the infants the emhasis is mainly on teaching children how to read and in Key Stage 2 the main emphasis is on comprehension. 


Children also take home reading books (Collins Big Cats) and we ask that you read with your child daily to enable them to practise the skills they are taught in school.  If you have any queries about any aspect of reading please contact your child's class teacher who will be more than happy to help.     

KS1 Reading Scheme is mainly Collins Big Cats (Home Readers) and Rigby Star (Guided Reading)

KS2 Reading Scheme is mainly Pocket Reads and Oxford Reading Tree (Home Reading) and Rigby Navigator (Guided Reading)  


Rapid Reading Scheme is used for any children who need to catch up or those with SEN    

Book People Bus

Children and parents have had a wonderful visit to the Book People Bus. There were so many lovely books we were spoilt for choice!

Choosing books from our school libraries

Every week children are given opportunity to browse in either the Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 library and they are able to choose a book to take home. We have hundreds of books to choose from and use a computerised library system which tracks all the books children borrow.

Reception children receive an email from Michael Rosen!

After sending Michael Rosen a selection of work and photos based on his poems we were delighted to receive an email from him!

Summer Reading Challenge

It was lovely to see Matt from Rishton Library, who visited school to talk to the children about the Summer Reading Challenge. Children can go to the library and take part in a Mythical Quest, collecting stickers and activity books each time they complete a book. The challenge is to read 6 books over the holidays and then each child will receive a certificate.

Library Visits

Each class visited the library during Poetry Week and were most grateful to the library staff who gave up their time to read some poems to the children.

World Book Day 2014

On Thursday 6th March children came to school dressed as a character from a book. Once again they looked AMAZING!! 

Thank you to parents for your support with this event as it really does help to promote reading for your child.

Read for My School Campaign

We are very excited to launch the 'Read for My School Campaign' starting January 27th, for children in Years 3 to 6.

Children have their own login to access over 100 online books and to see how many they can read in two months.

If children do not have access to the internet at home the books they read can still count and they can always visit the library or use the computers in school.

Reading Buddies

We are very grateful to those children in Year 5 and Year 6 who kindly give up some of their time to listen to younger children read.  These older children have demonstrated a very mature attitude towards this very important job and it is lovely to hear the positive feedback that they report to the class teacher.  The infants love having a reading buddy and their reading is developing very well.

New Books From the Mobile Library Van

Children from each class were taken onto the mobile library van to choose books for the libraries. We are so lucky to have such a vast choice of books that we can borrow from Lancashire Library Service.

Storysacks for Reception and Year 1

Copperhouse Children's Centre have very kindly provided us with beautiful storysacks that children can take home each week. These include a variety of books and accessories such as puppets and games that can be played at home. 

Year 6 authors visit Reception

Children in Reception were enthralled by a selection of stories that were read to them by some visiting authors from Year 6. The stories they had written and illustrated were very exciting and were read with such enthusiasm!  Thank you Year 6, we look forward to you visiting us again soon with the next chapters!

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