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St Peter and St Paul's

Church of England Primary School

Rooted and Grounded in Love

Gallery 2020-21

This year it has been so different for our Christmas celebrations. Even though we are in our bubble, we have still managed to have lots of fun. 

We have made our Christmas cards and calendars, completed lots of Christmas activities and made tree decorations. 

We had a fab time on Wednesday at our Christmas party where we made party hats, played lots of games, had lots of treats and got to see Father Christmas .(at a safe distance) who brought us all a present.

Here are some pictures of our day. 

Vegetable Soup - As part of our topic work in Science, we have been looking at what we need to do to stay healthy and what a healthy meal should include. As part of our DT we have decided to make a healthy vegetable soup.

First we decided what vegetables we wanted to put in.

Then we had a vote to decide if we wanted a chunky soup or a smooth soup. ( smooth soup won) 

Next we cleaned all our desks and washed our hands before peeling and chopping up all the vegetables. 

Finally Mrs Tann kindly cooked the vegetables for us and whisked it into a sooth soup when it was ready.

It looked and smelt really good. mmm

Outdoor learning - In class we have been working on quarter to and quarter past .Today we have been outside to make our own human clock on the ground. We had to get all the numbers into the correct place, we then made the hands read different times.  We followed this by making the biggest clock we could and adding the hands to read different times.

Can you guess what time each clock says?


This term we have been looking at how plastic waste is affecting our climate and how we can reduce plastic waste. We have also looked at how animals are becoming endangered because of the things humans are doing to their environments.

For DT we designed a wild animal using only a plastic bottle and newspaper.  

Here are our finished products.

What do you think?

Can you name the animal?

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